What I Want From a Sermon

Disclaimer: I don’t mean for the title of this blog post to sound so self-serving. “I want this, I want that, me, me and more me.” I’m not coming at […]

repentance and faith

the gifts of repentance and faith.

After our Sunday gathering yesterday I had someone approach me and ask a question about something I had said in the sermon. I made mention that in the process of […]


Review: The ESV Gospel Transformation Study Bible from Crossway

I love a good study Bible. One of my two favorites is the ESV Study Bible that Crossway put out several years ago. They have continued to produce fresh updates […]

the gospel

what are you excited about?

A quote from D.A. Carson regarding the things we get excited about and how they impact people: “Recognize that students do not learn everything you teach them. They certainly do […]